Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pommy Pom Pom

Thanks for the encouraging words this afternoon! I think I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable with the whole situation. Jamie, Sparky and I went on our run this evening and I think I was able to clear my head and start thinking about the positive things that will come of this big move!
  • I can eat all the broccoli, broccolini and broccoli rabe I want! In fact, Jamie has challenged me to see how many days in a row I can eat a broccoli related item.
  • It's only 3 months and we have potential to finally move out of DC.
  • I can watch TV.
  • Corn. Corn. All the time.
The run, oh the run...wasn't so good. We started off with the intent to run 8 miles and then at some point on the mall, I decided 5 was good enough for tonight. I totally guessed and we just barely made 5 miles in about 50 minutes. Ugh, it felt like we were going so much faster than that...damn you humidity! Where is my fall weather?!?!

Post run we paid a visit to Naan & Beyond for some dinner - Meat Platter
(Butter Chicken, Saag and rice) for me and a Shish Tikka Naan Sandwich for Jamie. We must have been early because it was the busiest we've ever seen! I also grabbed an Honest Ade Superfruit Punch since I wanted something fruity but not too sweet to drink:
I've never tried Honest Ade before (maybe I've tried Honest Tea? maybe.) and I must say this was mighty delicious! It's made with yumberries and goji berries - I have no idea what a yumberry is, but it's definitely yummy!! It's refreshing and just slightly sweet - not even as sweet as a Vitamin Water!

When I got home there were even more fun things to try! On top of our mail pile - this month's Republic of Tea Catalog...and in it? Dumdumdum...
Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea! I've never tried red tea before, but I'm excited to try this!! Also in the mail:
Ta daa!
Janny from Pom Wonderful contacted me a few days ago asking if I would be interested in trying some 100% Pomegranate Juice. Of course I said yes! I love the teas, but have never really tried the plain juice before.

From the interesting fact sheets Janny included in the package:
  • There are dozens of different pomegranate varieties and their juices are not all created equally.
  • They grow their own fruit, pick it by hand, squeeze it with their own proprietary presses and even manufacture tier own bottles.
  • POM Juice is the only juice guaranteed to be made exclusively from "Wonderful" variety pomegranates.
The straight juice is yuuuummy - definitely tastes like a pomegranate (minus all the work and seedy parts :p). After taking a few sips, I remembered I had a bottle of Lemon Lime seltzer in the fridge! Ah HAAA!
POM + Lemon Lime seltzer +
ice in a POM Tea glass (how appropriate) = yummy in my tummy!! Thanks POM Wonderful!! Now what to do with the rest of the juice...any fun ideas??

Ok, it's getting late and I have a bootcamp class in the morning that I MUST wake up for! It's followed by an 8 mile run (which I MUST do to make up for tonight!) and work. Nitey :)


Rosey Rebecca said...

I got a box of pom today too!! YAY

Bg Porter said...

Pomegranate Sorbet, made with invert sugar to make it super smooth & creamy. I learned how to make the invert sugar from here:

(Thanks to whichever one of you guys told Heidi that I needed an ice cream maker -- Best. Present. Ever.)

B.o.B. said...


Sorry about the move. But at least it's only temporary. And yay for broccoli everyday! (Did I really just say that???)

Thanks for the support on my blog about my MCM as well. It means a lot to me.

Karena said...

Pomegranate Sorbet sounds fantastic - maybe I'll see if Jamie will make that as his last batch before he leaves ;)

Broccoli everyday is a-ok in my book! haha.