Sunday, September 20, 2009


Time to put my feet up and rest! Phew! This morning's 19 miler started off dark and chilly, but we knocked those somewhat hilly miles out in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Not too shabby considering we both were guilty of skipping a few runs this week and the whole sick thing! Wooo! The weather was absolutely PERFECT for running and the strange thing was that I was actually able to breathe! haha. My sinuses were totally clear and happy during the run, but the minute I stopped, they clogged up again. Argh.

New kicks worked out wonderfully, save the last surge up a hill where I got a
pinching feeling between my middle and ring toes, but I'm pretty sure it's something weird with my feet. V and I had a casual walk to my old bagel spot in Woodley Park, grabbed a SALTY salt bagel and some watermelon and we were golden :)

The only
downside to our run? Somewhere between mile 16 and 17, we stopped to refill our bottles at a water fountain on the mall. V took a sip as we made our way around the Washington Monument and immediately spit it out. Me, being curious, took a sip of mine and wanted to gag. It tasted like sewage! Even after emptying my bottle it smelled foul! UGH! Amphipod is getting soaked in hot water and soap as we speak!

Before heading off to work this afternoon, I went with my latest breakfast creation - the
PB&J Quesadilla:
OK, I KNOW, it's not a pretty picture! I toasted two flour tortillas and spread some peanut butter and guava jelly in between. The peanut butter got all melty and the crunch of the two tortillas was a perfect balance! Beats all the extra bread in a pb&j sammich!

It's been a LONG long weekend filled with working tons of shifts at the store, which is time consuming, but a fun change from being stuck in an office all day. So glad to finally be able to stretch and let my feet rest! We did a quick grocery run for the week (hoping to do at least two fun new dinners) and saw that Sabra Hummus was on sale - Buy one, Get one FREE. Score! Only flavor left? Um, THE BEST KIND!!
Seriously, people - AMAZING hummus. But you know what, if no one wants to buy it in my neighborhood, then so be it. I will gladly take all the Jalapeno Hummus Giant has to offer :p

For dinner tonight, we defrosted a container of chili - nothing exciting so no photo, but I do love eating chili long after the first time it's cooked :)

For dessert we had some Lychee Coconut Ice Cream
I saw Janice's creation on Filipina Loves Food a few weeks ago and knew Jamie was going to get an urge to make some ice cream soon, so I immediately sent him the recipe. He ran into a bit of a freezing problem - I think he added the lychees and juice too soon - and it wasn't freezing properly in the ice cream maker so he ended up just dumping it into a container and freezing it. After stirring it occasionally, it finally froze, but had more of an ice milk texture. Whatever, it was still DELICIOUS! SO addictive!! Two thumbs up!

Bootcamp starts up tomorrow so I'm off to get ready! I'm preparing for jelly legs since I haven't run stairs in AGES. :) Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!


We Are Not Martha said...

I love the peanut butter and jelly quesadilla! And that lychee coconut ice cream sounds amazing right now :)


Rosey Rebecca said...

Your PB&J quesadilla sounds awesome! And 2 for 1 Hummus! AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above - that "quesadilla" looks delicious! melted pb is the BEST

I've never seen Jalapeno hummus! My fave is roasted red-pepper, but this sounds pretty tasty too..

Morgan said...

Great job on the 19 miler girl!!! You cracked me up with your comment! I am excited to hear how MCM goes for you, it's so fun "training" with everyone and seeing how they do and prepare for the marathons. We're going to rock them both! :)

Holly said...

PB+J quesadilla is a fabulous idea! love that!

Sarah said...

Where do you buy your guava jelly? I LOVE guava!