Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quickie b/c I drugged myself

Well, not really. I popped a Nyquil because I could just feel the sickness brewing. Ugh. I want it to hold off until after Sunday!!

Anyway, it took a lot to get my butt out and running this evening. That
sick feeling in the back of my throat, mentally drained from work, the 4 or 5 Jolly Ranchers I consumed in 2 hours, and my quads still mad at me for not stretching enough on Sunday - all of it made me want to say 'Eff it. I'm not running.'

Thankfully, Susan made it to the apartment after battling
tons of traffic so I HAD to get up and run...or else I'd be mean for making her sit through all that ;p I decided to cut the planned 5 miles down to 4, which we finished in 40 minutes. I'm just a little confused about that since I felt like we were going pretty fast and even Jamie commented on the speed. Hm. Strange.

Anyway, point of the story is that
I'm happy I went on my run and I'll be even happier if I don't get sick :)

Dinner tonight was fast and easy -
Chorizo and Spinach Quesadillas!
Quesadillas are definitely my
'I don't know what to make but I want food fast' meal. You can stuff them with pretty much whatever you want without f-ing them up. Tonight's version included the leftover chorizo from Sunday (I had Jamie brown the leftovers while I made the chili - hello prep ahead!), reduced fat Mexican cheese blend, baby spinach, chili powder and Adobo seasoning. Usually I like to throw in some pickled jalapenos, but in my haste, I forgot.

Topped them off with some avocado slices, a side of salsa and dinner was ready!
YUM. Cheesy goodness in my belly!

Speaking of cheese. I had a long (well, long considering the topic) email discussion with a friend about cheese this afternoon and while we were on the subject of goat cheese and how versatile and delicious it is, I remembered this cheese I sampled at the Teet awhile back.
Don't ask why goat cheese triggered Blue Brie in my memory - it's probably because Blue Brie is AMAZING. I thought it would be kinda weird...I'm not a big blue cheese fan, but I am a brie fan. I sampled it and it tasted more like brie, but had a slight hint of that blue cheese taste - just enough that you knew it was there, but it wasn't offensive (yes, sometimes I find the taste of blue cheese offensive). I'd totally buy this at the store if it came in smaller wedges. Oh how I love cheese...cheese and corn - two things I can never get enough of. What are some foods you can't get enough of??

Nyquil's kicking in so I'm signing off...and singing 'Nyquil will help you get your Z's!' EXCEPT - that was the Nytol commercial (wow I just googled and um, I'm old) and Z's should really be Zs. Way to not be grammatically correct, ad people. Psh. Ok. Getting loopy. Nite! :)

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B.o.B. said...

Glad you had a good run and hope you got some rest.

Run Fatboy Run is worth adding to the netflix. Promise.