Friday, June 5, 2009

GAH! More rain!

Hopefully it will let up by tomorrow morning's run!

Today was quite the adventurous day! I started off with a tremendously long bus ride down to the DMV in Georgetown. Caught up on some blogs and read a book while waiting and got my terrible license picture taken (I'm convinced I have a lazy eye since this is the SECOND time I've seen it in my license a month!). For my breakfast/morning snack, I had one of my new favorite Clif Kids ZBar flavor -
PEANUT BUTTER! Yum. No picture because it went into my belly super fast ;p Chocolate Chip used to be my fave, but once I was introduced to Peanut Butter it was all over.

Since the bus ride to Georgetown took a lot longer than expected (and the wait at the DMV was as long as expected), I decided to head over to the office instead of going home and running first. I took another surprisingly long bus ride (I now have an appreciation for the Metro) and decided I would grab a sandwich while I was still roaming around. I decided on Dickey's Frozen Custard.

I've been to Dickey's tons of times with my old coworkers for a mid-afternoon ice cream fix or a post-lunch sweet, but never for an actual sandwich. Actually, Quinn pointed out the whole carving station to my attention the last time we were there. I figured eh, why not give it a try?

I went with the
Cuban Sandwich because I love cuban sandwiches. Who can resist the combination of ham and roast pork, the tangy mustard, and PICKLES! all pressed together in crusty bread?? HEAVEN! Chances are if there's a cuban sandwich on a menu, I'll try it. I got to the office, opened my bag and hm...
1) sorry for the blurry picture - had to use the berry. 2) LETTUCE?? MEH? 3) where's my roast pork?? SAD!

Essentially I had gotten a ham and cheese panini with mustard, tomato and lettuce. In all fairness, the ham was really good and definitely carved in front of me. There was a tiny slice of roast pork amongst all that ham, but not enough to really taste. I know I shouldn't judge the place based on this one sandwich, but I mean really, lettuce in a cuban? No.

I also grabbed a bag of these b/c I thought they would be tasty:
Um, fire mouth. I couldn't even eat 1/2 the bag and I love spicy. I actually coughed and sneezed a few times it was that spicy. YIKES!

So yeah, kinda bummed about the lunch experiment, but at least I tried a new place! Perhaps next time I'll explore the chicken salad (a few people were ordering that).

Just a side note: one of my favorite cuban sandwiches (from the downtown lunch spots) might be the one at pricey as it can get. Awesome bread (duh), ample and tasty roast pork, and this killer orange cumin sauce. It's worth the line on a Thursday!

Ok, going to see if I can snag a treadmill at the gym and then I'll be back for tonight's dinner experiment!

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