Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's official. My computer hates me. It won't even let me burn pictures to a CD to clear space on it. ARRRGHHH! It's taken me at least an hour to get around to this post :(

Tonight's dinner was
Lime-Honey Glazed Chicken with Mexican Rice and Arugula Salad. The chicken was courtesy of Eating Well and I popped open a box of Goya Mexican Style Rice Mix, threw in a few extra ingredients into the mix (onion, frozen mixed veggies and a handful of chopped cilantro), tossed some arugula with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and honey, topped it with some avocado and coarse salt and voila! Dinner!

Jamie was in charge of pulling the marinade together since he got home before I did and the recipe says to marinate the chicken for at least 2 hours. He got frisky and used less honey than the recipe called for (shocking, since he's a strict recipe follower). I mentioned while we were eating that I thought it would have a thicker/barbeque-y sauce and that's when he spilled the beans.

Since we don't have a grill (sad!), I decided to bake the chicken instead. I originally planned to use the grill pan, but then I had scary visions of the sauce caramelizing on the pan, burning and then the whole apartment filling with smoke. Not exactly my idea of a fun Wednesday night so baking won. :)

Verdict? It obviously would have been better on the grill, but not bad baked. The chicken had a great hint of lime and sweetness. It also reminded me a little of this barbeque chicken my mom made a lot. I don't know the exact ingredients (I'll have to investigate further), but I'm pretty sure she used soy sauce, garlic and Sprite. Yes, Sprite.

This was my first time using the Goya Mexican Style Rice mix and I think I'll give it another go. It's quick and not too salty - always good in my book! I usually keep a few bags of yellow rice mix (the super cheap, metallic yellow bags...can't remember the name!) in the pantry for when I do Chicken with Yellow Rice and Black Beans (don't worry, I'll be making that soon enough). Also, because I love spice, I poured a tiny dab of this on my rice:
It's like fire sauce, so I try not to dump a ton on my food. I got hooked on this stuff while we were in Grenada last fall and we came back with 2 bottles (this one and a smaller one I keep in the office).

Sorry for the short post, I had a lot of stuff floating around my head this afternoon and for some reason it has completely escaped me. I blame my computer. Grr...

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