Friday, June 12, 2009

Super fast post before I run out the door!

Definitely didn't wake up early enough to do some shredding. No fear, the afternoon is clear! Here's bfast this morning:
Yummy and filling
Eggs w/Salsa and Cheese with Corn Tortillas

Since I'm not going to have a ton of time between activities today, I packed an 'on the go' lunch:
Some cherries, a Cashew Cookie Larabar and a sandwich made from the salmon cakes, greens and cilantro lime dressing. Hopefully these tide me over!!

Here's a quick recipe for my breakfast. More this evening! Happy Friday :o)

Salsa Eggs
2 large eggs
1 heaping tbsp salsa
2 corn tortillas
2 tbsp cheese

Beat eggs, add pepper and salsa, mix to combine. Swipe some butter on the bottom of a hot frying pan and scramble eggs. Microwave 2 corn tortillas for 10 seconds. Place 1 tbsp of cheese on top of warm tortilla topped with egg mixture. Sprinkle remaining cheese and cilantro on top of eggs and top with second tortilla.

Here's one of my favorite salsas - I used this one this morning, but I usually prefer to make my eggs with one that has more tomatoes:

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