Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Something must be off with me today. I started the day off super early and forgot my berry and lunch as I flew out the door. As you probably noticed, I'm not really a morning person...I just can't seem to pull it together during those early hours!

I managed to get into the office around 7:15 this morning which left me just enough time to finish up a presentation for a 9am pitch. Phew. Unfortunately breakfast was non-existent as I was only able to grab a
Grande Red-Eye w/Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup from Starbucks. Totally needed that extra caffeine boost.

Around 10am I started to get the shakes (perhaps because I only had coffee and water?) so I grabbed my Donut/UFO peach and a 100 calorie pack of
Crasins. I find these packs to have just the right amount of crasins for any occasion (salads, snacks, etc.)!
I've seen these peaches at a few grocery stores and finally decided to buy one this weekend. I must say, it's kinda weird eating it since it's short. Once I got past that, I enjoyed my super juicy, sweet peach :)

Like I said, I forgot lunch so I had to buy. I try really really hard not to spend any money during the day, but today seems to be the one exception to the rule. Since I've written about Daily Market in the past, I thought I should at least browse their lunch selection. I did not get the 'Summer Special', instead I browsed the rows of refrigerated goods they had. OH MY. There were 2 sizes of
salads in a bunch of varieties, pre-made sandwiches, spaghetti & meatballs, korean bbq, sesame noodles, seaweed salad, chicken and noodles, fruit, EVERYTHING. It was sensory overload! I walked out with:

A small curry chicken salad salad
I thought this was a pretty good deal at $3.99. The bowl wasn't that big around, but boy did they stuff that container with lettuce! Curry chicken salad is one of the few savory dishes I permit raisins in. This chicken salad wasn't the best I've had, but it wasn't too bad. It was a subtle curry taste (needed some salt) and it definitely had a kick you felt in the back of your throat - woah! No salad dressing for me...the chicken salad was rich enough!

I know better than to just eat a small pile of lettuce with a few tablespoons of chicken salad for lunch, so I also grabbed a container of
Sabra Hummus with Pretzel Crisps:
Yes, I'm a sucker for packaging ;p

Sometimes I really like this brand of hummus because they have fun flavors like roasted red pepper and this super spicy one (might be jalapeno?). Other times, like today, I'm really weirded out by how smooth it is. It was almost soupy today (well, compared to the stuff I'd normally get)! I liked that these came with pretzel crisps though. For those that haven't been introduced to pretzel crisps, they are these awesome and addictive flat pretzels that are super crunchy - think along the lines of a pretzel potato chip, just not fried. They are my new favorite snack! YUMYUMYUM!

After all that, I needed a little something sweet so I reached for:
MINI TOBLERONE! Again, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I used to LOVE Toblerone when I was younger. My mom would buy the regular sized ones and I thought they were the best thing EVER. This was the perfect size - 3 itty bitty triangles of milk chocolate and nougat and almonds. I would have been in heaven if this came in dark chocolate.

I also grabbed a pack of
pineapple just in case I got the shakes again in the afternoon or to tide me over for my late night at work. No shakes in the afternoon, but I did get hungry around 6 so I snacked on my perfectly ripe pineapple and was content :)

After another hour or so of work, I decided to call it quits and go home. I wasn't in the mood to cook, plus I was bringing home more work (ech!) so we decided to test out Paragon Thai for takeout. We've passed it a few times and we have a menu for some reason, so we figured why not give it a go? Thanks to perfect timing, Jamie called it in and I picked it up on my way home from work...AND it was still hot!

Jamie ordered the
Pad Thai with Pork (sorry, no picture we were pretty hungry). It was a little too sweet for my taste and he thought it could use some citrus, but overall we thought the dish was pretty good!

I got the
Pad Phed with Chicken (sauteed basil leaves, bamboo shoot, red and green bell pepper in hot chili garlic sauce). OH. MY. FIRE! I opened the container and saw these funky clusters of green balls and wondered what on earth is that??
They had the color of capers but were really firm. I have a feeling they were like fresh peppercorns or some sort of weird chili pepper I've never seen before? Whatever they were, they made my dish RIDICULOUSLY spicy. It was that kind of spicy that makes your eyes water because every tastebud burns on matter what you put on it.

We also split an appetizer of
Kanom Jeep (crabmeat, shrimp, chicken & water chestnuts wrapped in wonton skin, steamed and served with fried garlic and sweet soy sauce).
They were like super spongy shumai. Good, but a really odd texture. I need to find me some of this sweet soy sauce. It had a hint of smokiness to it and wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be.

Ok, those were my food adventures for the day. Did you notice I photographed lunch at my desk?? hehe. That was during my 'me' time at my desk where I also found time to catch up on some blogs. FYI, Leslie Elizabeth over at Jackson's World is hosting an Envirosax Giveaway! The bags are adorable and durable! Be sure to check out the giveaway and her blog - she's got a super cute pup, fun reads, and she's from the DC area which means she must be awesome ;)

Ok. Time for me to stop procrastinating and get back to work :( Nitey!


Val said...

That's a great question Karena! This weekend my training schedule calls for 7 miles, and I usually run with a large group on Saturday mornings, but since I'm going to be on a plane at that time, I'm going to do it on my own on Friday morning. I definitely think it's really important to squeeze in your long run SOMEWHERE, as long as you do it - if it's a bit off schedule that's ok as long as it gets done. But I'm with you that if I miss a short run I don't sweat it, especially during these earlier weeks! Have you thought about doing the 9 miles on the treadmill? I could NEVER run that far on a treadmill (too boring!!) but I know some people can....

Anonymous said...

I want some pretzel crisps now! :-P

Mia {runs and rests} said...

I can't remember the last time I had Toblerone. :s I had a mini Kitkat today so I'll be fine. :P