Thursday, June 11, 2009


That's what my body was screaming during tonight's run. Apparently I didn't eat enough today and I totally felt it during my run...even my arms were exhausted. Ech. I should keep more snacks in the office.

Today was supposed to be a track workout day, but the running group ended up just being me and Jamie so we just did a quick 3 mile route near the apartment. I swear, on top of the whole hunger thing I felt like I was really slow wait, I take that back, I think I've gotten slower (and don't feel as strong/upright) since I stopped going to bootcamp! I miss you bootcamp!!! :( I guess for now, Jillian will do.

After last night's dinner and episode of Out of the Wild, I read for a bit and around 9 pm I got a bizarre urge to pop in the 30-Day Shred DVD. I figured, eh, why not just start?

I liked the short, fast paced workout (it reminded me of a bootcamp session) and although I didn't break out into a sweat, I found the arm work really challenging...and I was only using 3 pound weights! One thing that did bother me was the lack of counting during each exercise. I'm one of those people that gets really annoyed if I do more reps on one side than the other - I like knowing that both sides of my body have gotten equal attention. Also, I thought it was weird that we were doing what felt like slow motion jumping jacks.

Anyway, I told myself I'd get up early to do Day 2 since tonight's a running night. Got up at 6:30 am and the jumping jacks got my body ready for the day! Woo! I got really frustrated (again) at the last strength workout - anterior arm raises (?). I don't feel coordinated enough and omg, my arms BURRRNN!

Met up with old coworkers for Quinn's bday lunch at Singapore Bistro. I was really excited to try a new lunch (perhaps happy hour??) spot! I checked out the menu beforehand and was totally overwhelmed. I ended up with a Spicy White Tuna Roll and a Low Carb California Roll. No, I'm not veering toward the low-carb life, I was just really curious.

My Spicy White Tuna roll was fantastic. Not crazy spicy, not overloaded with mayo, great flavor and consistency of rice (I've found that a lot of pan-Asian restaurants don't necessarily have great rice for their sushi. It's either smooshed, overloaded or lacking in flavor). The Low Carb California Roll was interesting and refreshing! It was tobiko and crabstick wrapped with cucumber (I kinda wish there was avocado in there!). I really liked the crunch of the cucumber paired with the other ingredients, however, I think the crabstick was super salty (or maybe it was the tobiko)...something I didn't expect in my first bite. I'd order it again, but definitely not on it's own. Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera with me, but if you're really curious about this low carb roll, check out Quinn's blog - she got the other low carb roll on their menu.

This evening's dinner was a variation on a fast and easy standby - Pasta with Goat Cheese and Green Veggies. Do you like my super generic title??
I've done a few variations of this dish (I think the original recipe was from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything?), the first being linguine, arugula, portobello mushrooms and chicken apple sausage. I really like the goat cheese on pasta mixed with a bitter green, or any green really. This time around, I tried to throw in as many vegetables as possible! As always, Jamie prefers all his dishes with meat so he said adding prosciutto or sausage would make the dish better.

Pasta with Goat Cheese and Veggies
1/2 lb pasta (any kind you're craving)
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 shallot, minced
2/3 c sliced portobello mushrooms
1/2 c asparagus, blanched and cut into 1 inch pieces
1/4 c frozen peas
1/4-1/2 small goat cheese log
handful arugula or dark leafy green
1/4 c pasta water
1 tsp lemon zest

Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and reserve about 1/4 c of the water. In a large pan, heat olive oil and saute shallot for 1 minute. Add mushrooms, saute until softened. Add peas and asparagus, cook for 3 minutes. Add pasta, goat cheese, lemon zest and arugula to pan, toss until goat cheese is melted. Slowly add reserved pasta water while mixing. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I'm really bad at giving cooking directions. SORRY! Here's another picture...maybe it'll help :p
See those li'l nuggets of white stuck in the shells?? They are nuggets of heavenly goat cheese (this is why I picked shells instead of long pasta)! YUM!

For dessert I grabbed a bag o cherries at the grocery store
Pretty! I was worried they'd be sour, but no no! They were perfect! Sweet, slightly tart and firm. I don't know about you, but I like my fruit firm...I don't do soft fruit. Ever.

Okey. Time to call it quits for the evening. Long day ahead of me...hoping to squeeze in Day 3 of the shred before a few hours of volunteering at DC Central Kitchen and my first day of work at the running store! Wooo :) I'm going to TRY to get up early enough to shred, make some breakfast and write a quick post. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

That pasta looks amazing!! Make me some!

Screamin' Mama said...

Yum!! That pasta looks delicious...full of flavour and healthy too!

Karena said...

thanks! it's SO easy...the only hard part is learning when to stop adding veggies ;)