Friday, June 12, 2009

I like pretty plates

Tonight's dinner was Soba Noodles with Unagi, Cucumber, Avocado and Soybeans. Light and delicious!

I had a soba noodle craving the other day (I think it's the warm makes me want cold things), but the thing with soba noodles is I don't like eating them on their own. I feel like it's not a
whole meal on it's own. Instead of going out and buying something new, I decided to grab the unagi we had in the freezer.

I really like sushi rolls with eel, cucumber and avocado so I thought I'd broil some of the frozen unagi and serve it with some chunks of cucumber and avocado so it was like a sushi roll, just without the rice. I threw some soybeans on the plate because well, I like soybeans. :)

Here's my plate (I like serving soba noodles on these plates because they're cute and I really can't serve anything else on them!):
and Jamie's (though he passed on it and it became Susan's) plate:
I went with the square plate since it was a little bigger and could hold more stuff. Not as cute, but I thought I'd show it anyway. There's not really a recipe for this...what you see is exactly what was used :) Forgot to take a picture of the sauce, but I use the Soba Tsuyu sauce. Kikkoman makes this, but the bottle I have isn't Kikkoman - I can't read it. :(

Sprinkled on top of the soba noodles are these fun new rice sprinkles we picked up at Daruma:
Kimchi Furikake! This actually packed more punch than I thought it would. I bit into one of the crunchy bits and woah, spice! I love furikake over rice :) It's a fun salty, fishy topping for rice!

To round out the meal (considering I was only able to eat 2 bites of that sandwich I made for lunch), I scarfed down some of my favorite Ben & Jerry flavors - Cherry MINI FORM! Second favorite flavor? Imagine Whirled Peace. What can I say, I love fudge chunks.
I love these single serving cups. I wish Imagine Whirled Peace came in this size! There is no reason for me to have a whole pint in the freezer!!

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Janice Soriano said...

Dinner looks great! I'll try this recipe this weekend.