Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok, so I haven't really been feeling this shred thing lately. I was going to wake up this morning and do Day 4 on what should technically be Day 7. Fail!

I just couldn't bring myself to do the routine again. While I enjoyed the fact that it's only a 20 minute strength/cardio workout, I'm still kinda bothered about the lack of sweating. I know this is gross for an early morning post, but I really do enjoy sweating. If I'm not drenched after a workout, I feel like I haven't done anything. Weird, I know. I think this is why I prefer Bikram yoga to regular yoga, even if it is just heat induced sweat. Agh. Maybe I'll stop thinking I HAVE to do these workouts for 30 days straight and just treat them as little extra workout nuggets for strength. Yes, I think I like that. Sorry Netflix, you're not seeing this DVD for awhile :p

I popped up out of bed at 6am (HUGE accomplishment for me) this morning, probably because I was knocked out by 10 last night, and decided to browse ExerciseTV. There was a new ab workout by Patrick Murphy called Camera Ready Core so I decided to give it a try. It called for one of those big stability balls (I either managed to lose, sell or trash mine during our last move), 1 dumbell, a rubber band (didn't have this) and a medicine ball (yes!). I was able to do the rubber band warm up without one and I also tried to modify the stability ball workouts, but that really only worked for one. Yeeh. After that, I just turned it off and did some standard ab moves on my own. I'd recommend it to anyone that had all those items - it seemed like a fun workout...kinda bummed I couldn't do more!

After that, I made some breakfast:
I've always had a tough time eating really early (my pre-race meal is actually smaller :\), so this is a big deal for me. I've only eaten the pb toast so far...egg will be eaten shortly and the banana will be eaten upon arrival at the office. I like scattering out my food...it ensures a happy belly that is free of hunger pains!

While I was waiting for my egg to cook, I decided to do some prep for tonight's dinner. Since we're probably going to be up at the track late, I'm going to do a
Tempeh Stir Fry - love doing stir fry since it's fast, easy and flavorful. Do you have any shortcuts for making dinner? Any trusty standbys as far as quick meals go? Here are some of the veggies all cut up:
Pretty peppers! These will be joined by some onions, snap peas and dumdumduuuummm
TEMPEH! This is my second dance with tempeh and these look a LOT firmer than the ones I used last time. I'm testing out a different brand and boy was this block of tempeh under lockdown! There were like 2 or 3 layers of vacuumed packed layers! I think I got an arm workout just trying to get this thing open!

Here's the kind I'm using this time around. I'll be sure to report back this evening!
I've seen this brand in a few stores (Whole Foods maybe?), has anyone out there tried this? Thoughts?

Ok, off to start the day! See you later :)


Quinn said...

Sort of glad you're not all about the Shred. Also sort of love that you're spreading out your breakfast. I need to eat every so often or I'm an unhappy camper.

Mia {runs and rests} said...

On food prep, I always keep cut veggies in food containers in the fridge ready to be stirfried with noodles (soba, udon, etc.) for a lazy, fast, complete meal. :)