Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird science...

So you know how I was so excited this morning about how productive I was with the ab work, breakfast, blogging and getting stuff prepped for tonight's dinner? SQUASHED when I got back from the track to find this:
UMMM for real? Do you see the extra white parts and dark parts?? Totally not what it looked like when I cut it up this morning. I took a bite (before I saw the dark parts) and thought it was a little weird and then I looked closer and THERE WERE WHITE FUZZIES! EEEK! So I'm standing in the kitchen staring at this cube and I look closer at the dark parts - totally not edible.
How in the world did my tempeh go bad in a day??? It was in a ziplock bag and in the fridge. Shouldn't it have been fine? Maybe this is why it was in an ultra vacuum packed bag? Ugh. Frustrating.

Thankfully we had some chicken tenderloins in the fridge waiting to get packed for the freezer. I subbed those in for the tempeh, boiled up some soba noodles and dinner was served in 15 minutes!

June Chicken Stirfry
4 chicken tenderloins, cut into bite sized pieces,
1/4 c onion, diced
1/4 c celery, diced
1 1/2 c snap peas
1 small green pepper, sliced
1 small red pepper, sliced
1 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp black bean garlic sauce
1 tsp mirin
1 tsp oyster sauce
2 tsp sesame oil

In a large pan, heat sesame oil and add chicken. Cook for 3-4 minutes, add sauces and cook for another 3 minutes. Add vegetables and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

I have a TON of stir fry recipes - something is always different each time I make one so that's why this is the 'June' Chicken Stir Fry :) I had some leftover diced celery and onions so I threw those in. Typically I'd do onion slices and thin slices of celery, but I kinda liked having the little diced bits in with the sauce this time around!

I served this over soba noodles because I wasn't really feeling rice for dinner. Plus, that would have taken a lot longer and I didn't have any patience after tonight's workout...

Tonight was a gorgeous night for a track workout! No humidity, a slight breeze, AWESOME. I was feeling not so great when I left the office (I don't know how, but I still managed to get hunger pains after scattering my meals), but I made it to the track. We did a quick 1/2 mile jog and then jumped into this workout that I found on Runner's World:

PACE: Easy Jogging
1 mile w/5 strides

PACE: 5-K or Faster
1000 meters

PACE: Tempo
800 meters

PACE: 5-K or Faster
800 meters

PACE: Tempo
800 meters

PACE: 5-K or Faster
600 meters

PACE: Tempo
800 meters

PACE: All-out Blast
400 meters

To close out the workout we did a 1/2 mile jog followed by some stretching. Yes, we probably should have done a longer warm up and cool down, but I didn't want to tack on too many extra miles this week...this ended up being like 5.5!

I liked the workout even though it was a lot to remember (I even had it written down!). This might have to go my track workout 'to-do' list (I'm trying to keep a list of all the track workouts I like so I don't have to constantly look stuff up). Well, maybe it'll go on the 'do me once every other month' list ;)

Sorry for the short and scary picture post! I'm exhausted and have to be at work by 7am tomorrow to finish up stuff for a presentation. If I miraculously pop out of bed super early, you'll be the first to know ;)


MarathonVal said...

Hmm, I never really tried those workouts in Runners World... maybe I should! I actually stopped subscribing for awhile and this week started to get it again because I missed it. It truly is a great magazine!!! Great articles and I find it super inspiring!

Karena said...

I don't subscribe either, but I frequently visit the website. They have a ton of great articles and tools (smart coach, training calculator, etc)! I used smart coach to train for my races earlier this year, but feel weird about only running twice a week for marathon training. They also have a feature that lets you generate a pace band (my new fave)!

Quinn said...

White fuzzies?!?!?!?! Nooooo!!!! I haven't had too much tempeh experience - I wish I could help. Yuck! Good solution with the chicken though. And I agree, last night was great for a run - I did G'town and Dupont - perfectly cool.