Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It’s Wednesday!! Only one more day in the office for me!!! Man, I might be getting used to this 4 day work week thing haha.

It’s been pleasantly quiet at work this week so I was browsing the Google Reader (might be the best thing ever!) and saw that Julia over at Chocolate Shoestrings passed the Honest Scrap award to me. YAY fun! :)

Here are the deets:

The rules are to link back to the presenter, share 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know that are true, and then pass it on and notify the people you pass the award on to!!

  1. I'm picky about socks - like weird, fit-throwing, won't put the same pair on even if they were only on for a split second.
  2. My guilty pleasure/I don't have to cook for anyone dish - Instant Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Cheese and Hot Sauce...all mixed up in a big bowl.
  3. Cashews make me nauseous.
  4. I'm convinced the girly gene got knocked out of me at some point - I can't accessorize or decorate to save my life. I dress for comfort and cuteness is an afterthought/perk.
  5. I wear one piece of jewelry at all times - a Tiffany bean necklace I got in HS. I don't ever take it off...mostly because I'm too lazy and/or will promptly lose it.
  6. Jamie cooks all the rice in the apartment because I'm terrible at making rice.
  7. I talk a lot when I'm nervous, which is weird because I consider myself to be pretty introverted.
  8. Condiments out number actual food products in our apartment.
  9. I can only swim underwater and the backstroke. I look like a drowning child when I swim freestyle.
  10. I think I'd like to eventually take on a 50k or (if I ever get that swimming thing down) a triathlon. We'll see...

While I’d like to pass this on to a bunch of fellow bloggers, I'll just keep it to a select few faves that haven't done something similar to this:

Mel at She Runs Brooklyn – her posts always make me chuckle in the morning!

Paige at Running Around Normal – she has great food and workout posts! Plus her pup, Niko, is ADORABLE ;)

Marathon Val & Rosey Rebecca - these girls are awesome! I love reading their blogs because they're fun, informative and sometimes I'm amazed at the random things we have in common!

You should definitely check these bloggers out ;)

While I was typing this, I saw a little comment email pop up from Special K over at The Special K Treatment. Her ME Meal post is AWESOME. I thought it was timely since I mention my guilty food pleasure above ;) What do you crave/make when no one else is watching?? C'mon. You know you want to say it...

In keeping with the list thing (because my brain is tired), I've made a few decisions:
  1. New blog title has arrived - Run Beans, Run. I'll eventually explain where the 'Beans' came from. (There will be a few more blog changes in the future (mostly layout), but hopefully you don't freak out when you see a different title pop up!) I've asked my talented graphic designer friend to work on a header graphic for me, but she's pretty swamped with designing wedding invitations for it might be awhile til that gets updated!
  2. Parks Half Marathon it is!
  3. Running after I work both jobs on a weeknight is just not going to happen. It's about time I accepted this.
Since my belly was grumbly/hurting after job number 2 today (I really need to pack more food), I said no to the run and a much needed yes to food. Jamie prepared some peanut sauce per the recipe Monica posted yesterday so all I had to do was cook some soba noodles and blanch some veggies!

Jamie's bowl with just snap peas and cucumber
And mine with all the green veggies (snap peas, cucumber, broccoli) in our fridge!
Overall I thought it was a tasty sauce! It was a tad spicy (even for me!) so we threw in some more honey and peanut butter. Next time I'm thinking about eliminating the chili flakes or reducing the amount of chili sauce. I also had visions of maybe inviting some fish sauce to the party?? I know, I know, I like to add fish sauce to everything.

Is there a condiment that always finds its way into your dishes?


Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Thanks for the honest scrap award! Sounds so fun :) I'll definitely keep it going along - now I know what my afternoon post will be about, too!

Mia {runs and rests} said...

Soy sauce. Loved this stuff ever since I was a kid.
Thanks for the offer on helping me find a race here. I've emailed a friend who might me sign up for one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this!
Can't wait to hear about the BEANS story. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY!! I'm flattered!! I love reading your blog too!! We definitely need to meet someday along with Val because I love her blog too!! We should have a blogger meet up somewhere in between NYC, D.C., and Chicago!! LOL

I'll mention the Honest Scrap in tomorrow's post for sure!! Thanks!

MarathonVal said...

Thanks for the award!! The only problem is that I am going to have a hard time thinking of 10 interesting facts about me, haha.

About the oat groats..... I will go into that in more detail in another posting since I'm new at using them too! Sorry I should have been more specific about that :)

Does Jamie eat fake meat products? My husband used to be a carniverous beast but now he LOVES many veggie "meat" products! Especially the bacon, or stuff I can disguise with condiments such as veggie sloppy joes!

Jamie said...

i don't eat fake meat, but it is not due to a lack of openness in regards to trying it. if someone prepared it for me then i would try it, but fake meat isn't something i would buy on my own.

Mel @ She Runs Brooklyn said...

THANK YOU very much for passing on the honest scrap award!

#9 in yours made me laugh :)

Julia said...

I really like ketchup....
I'm totally with you on #4!
I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog layout, and finding out what "beans" mean! My most memorable memory of beans is the time I decided to eat an entire can of refried beans.... lol

She-Fit said...

Ketchup and mustard! I put it on everything. I am trying to cut back, but it's just too hard

Love your post! It tell a lot about you. Ok, off to check out your recommended bloggers

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Julia was right you have the best looking food photos! :)

Janice Soriano said...

You're inspired me to run, and I am going to start slow tomorrow. Any pointers on starting, please let me know.