Monday, July 6, 2009

The scale said what?

I'm not a big scale person. I think the way I feel and the way my clothes fit are way more important than a number. However, I have been known to occasionally step onto a scale just for kicks. This weekend was one of those times.

For some reason there's a bathroom scale in my brother's room so I jumped on pre- and post-run Saturday morning. Holding steady at
130 pounds. That evening (after all the food, minimal swimming and some Wii), I jumped on again just to see the damage...135 pounds. For real? I weighed myself again the following morning and yep, I managed to gain FIVE WHOLE POUNDS in one day! Is that even possible?! Is that not normal??

I'm not typing this freaking out about the weight gain (I tend to fluctuate anywhere between 130 and 135 and am cool with it - anything less and I don't feel normal.), I'm just
amazed at how quickly that came on! I mean, sure there have been times where I've exaggerated after I've eaten a lot saying 'OH, I've totally eaten like 10 pounds of food." I never thought it could actually happen! Ok. End weight-related part of post.

I must say, as funny as it was to see the drastic change, I also noticed how not right my stomach felt after eating all that food this weekend. I felt like I had a
giant pit in my stomach almost all weekend and I found myself really tired. Ok, maybe that was due to running around with the high-energy nephews, but I think all the sweets and minimal ruffage consumption contributed to it as well.

To make up for the lack of ruffage this weekend, we're loading up on the crispy greens for dinner this week! I tried to think of ways to make the leftovers we brought home (
oh boy were there a lot) a little more exciting. On tonight's menu: Asiany Salad with Ginger Teryiaki Salmon
Romaine, snap peas, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, chow mein noodles, baby corn and cucumbers topped with my mom's salmon. One leftover dish GONE! Success!
Another random note - as I opened up the can of baby corn, I remembered that we saw FRESH baby corn while we were at Chelsea Market. Have you ever seen non-can baby corn? They were in husks and everything!
So tonight, I took photos of my salad bowl in two different lights around 7pm. I held it up near my window (picture 1) and then set it down on the radiator just below the window (picture 2). I kinda like both for different reasons. Which picture lighting do you like better?

Ok, sorry for the short, all over the place post. I gotta run and do some work (boo!) and then read up on our Labor Day vacation spot!! :) Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Quinn said...

I totally feel you on the scale fluctuating - especially after a weekend away with sweets, some alcohol, lack of veggies - and I think it is possible to jump in a day - but it's probably mostly water weight. Still annoying though.

But, it's the start of a new week - you'll be back to norm by the end of the week!

I think I like lighting numero dos. Not sure why - just do! Natural light is the best for food photography - I am convinced!

Anonymous said...

oh, that salad is light and refreshing!
But really, the scales CANNOT be trusted at all. I have the same results: my weight fluctuates up to 7lbs a day! I can poop and then be instantly 3 lbs lighter. haha!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Have you ever tried this korean-chinese restaurant in Annandale called Chong Hwa Won? you HAVE to try their jjajangmyeon and jjambbong!

Anonymous said...

Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. No, you did not gain 5 pounds in one day. :-)

Don't worry about numbers. I used to weigh myself everyday and now hardly ever because numbers don't matter. It's more about how you feel.

You should feel beautiful!

Mia {runs and rests} said...

Oh, don't worry about the number on that scale. Like what everyone said, our weight fluctuates throughout the day. :) I have a scale but have not stepped on it for months.

I like Pic2 better.

MarathonVal said...

For the past few years, I have weight myself regularly - except the mornings after eating a ton, in which case I wouldn't even step on a scale because I knew the numbers would be super high and would freak me out.

Because of this irrationality, I am slowly working toward getting rid of my scale!! I'm sure it would be sooo liberating.

PS, Salmon looks delish!

Jamie said...

the second picture is better

Karena said...

Thanks everyone for bringing me back to reality re: crazy scale. I think this is why I rarely get on them!

Looks like picture #2 wins! I wonder if our neighbors think I'm weird taking pictures in front of the window?? haha

burp - your first comment is totally true! haha. and no, i haven't checked that place out...googling now!!

Julia said...

OMG! haha, I totally have been there! Eating 5 lbs in one night.... unfortunately those 5 decided to stick around and make some more friends too.... but oh well. I think if I'm getting stronger/faster, that's all that matters, right?