Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow, I forgot a title!

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last week of July. How crazy is that? Where has the summer gone?? I think yesterday was my second pool day ALL summer! Agh!

So I watched He's Just Not That Into You after dinner last night. I must say,
I thought it was going to be like HA HA funny...not subtle funny. I found it entertaining and, sadly, I felt like I could relate more to Justin Long's character since I don't know...I like to think I can be the voice of reason for most of my friends? Ginnifer Goodwin is awesome at playing the awkward girl (yes, I also saw Win a Date with Tad Hamilton :p) and I feel bad for her at times during the movie, but for the most part I just wanted to shake her and say 'stop being so nutters!!'

I dunno, I thought it was a decent movie...
not what I expected, but enjoyable since I could think of friends/family/acquaintances that have been in similar situations and similar conversations taking place. I'll also admit that I loved Ben Affleck's character when he showed up to do the dishes. *sniffle*

I continued with the sappiness as I picked up my book for some bedtime reading.
How many times can I tell you I love this book? It's so not what I typically read, but I just can't stop reading it. The last time I read a somewhat sappy novel was in high school when I dove into A Woman of Independent Means - I think I saw the TV movie and decided to read the book? Ah well. I definitely recommend it :)

Since I worked both jobs today and Jamie just got back from Ohio, we met at the Giant to shop for an easy dinner. What did we end up with?
and some personal sized whole wheat pizza crusts for....
I'm definitely not going with the Giant brand pizza crusts again...they were really funky textured and tasted like we were eating pizza toast :( Shoulda gone with the Boboli (or even the trusty Pilsbury)!

The toppings and sauce were great though. These will definitely show up again on better crust!
Jamie went with
pepperoni, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and some parmesan. I decided I needed some green in my life so I used some arugula and just a few pieces of chopped up pepperoni.
Finished dinner up with a nice piece of...
You guessed it! WATERMELON! I might go into watermelon overload one of these days haha. Some days I think I could seriously finish a small one on my own. I mean, I may or may not have finished a whole canteloupe once :[ What are some of your favorite fruits? Ones you just can't get enough of??

I'm off to go dream about my possible creation for this week's BSI. You should check out this week's ingredient too :)


Anonymous said...

Aww, your pizzas look good though!! I'm sorry they didn't come out how you wanted them!

Jenna's pizza dough is REALLY SIMPLE and it makes enough for two large pies or 4 mini ones. Jeff and I got 4 pizzas out of it and it's so easy to make! I just froze the other half Friday night and whipped it out tonight! You should definitely try it!!

Plus it doesn't call for many ingredients, just flour, yeast, and sea salt basically. Try it, you'll love it!!

(And I personally think your pizzas look just as good as mine :-) )

Karena said...

Maybe I'll try it on a Sunday night...are we talking like legit pizza crust? I'm trusting your tastebuds since you're from the NY/NJ area! ;p

Runeatrepeat said...

Everyone keeps telling me to try the crab too!

I think they you run barefoot to see how bad you pronate (or under pronate) naturally.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, the crust is amazing!! Very flavorful!

MarathonVal said...

Hi Karena, thanks for the info about the BSI! I hadn't even seen her blog before so thanks for giving me the inside scoop ;)

Love the pizza, that looks amazing!!

Mia {runs and rests} said...

Reading BSI and the various entries is sooo addicting I could never stop. Haha. Too much food porn makes my head spin but I can't help it. :D
Fave fruit? Always banana. But offer me any fruit and I'll eat it.

Morgan said...

I'm with you, I so wanted to shake Gennifer's character and be like "SERIOUSLY!?!?!?" But I could def relate to so many of the different dating scenarios... oh the joys of being single.

Your pizza's are making me drool...

B.o.B. said...

Mmmm. Your pizzas look amazing.

Julia said...

pizza..... get in my belly.!!!
My favorite fruit is a REALLY ripe mango. Or a really ripe peach. Ahh, the epitome of summer

Anonymous said...

Watermelon is EASILY my fave summer fruit - nice choice :) those pizzas look gooood. MMM, melted cheese and your own toppings, gotta love it :)

I liked that movie too - not sure what I was expecting from it, but it was definitely Different. Jenn A & Ben are the best couple in the movie, hands down.