Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gorgeous Sunday!

Perfect for sitting poolside...or inside catching up on blogging ;p I'm so excited to finally have a free weekend afternoon!

Yesterday's run had us up at 7am to meet a friend of ours down at Fletcher's Cove in Georgetown for an 8.6 mile run. This route took us along the Capital Crescent Trail, past the Georgetown Waterfront, past the Kennedy Center, across the Memorial Bridge and back. I forgot how much I missed running along the Capital Crescent. On a good day (translation: not super crowded), it's a great, fairly flat, quiet and shady route. It's up there on my favorite 'escape from the city life' places to run; topping the list is Beach Drive.

I had this INSANE watermelon craving after our run so I made Jamie stop at Safeway so I could grab some. We walked out with:
A bowl of precut
watermelon b/c I wanted to eat it IMMEDIATELY. This bowl was full until I attacked it in the car :\

And some Rainier cherries that just screamed at me when I walked by:
I had just enough time to shower and shovel a sandwich and some cherries in my face before walking to job numero dos. It was
CRAZY BUSY at the store (not that I'm complaining because I'd much rather be helping people than just standing around eyeing things I shouldn't buy). It was definitely a good day...I helped a few people out with sneakers and it was like everyone that came in was looking for stuff that I had used before/could give a bunch of information about! Success!

After putting in those 5 hours on my feet, I vegged for maybe 20 minutes before jumping into the shower and getting dressed for my friend's bachelorette party that evening. We started out with dinner and drinks at her apartment in Silver Spring, MD. For those not familiar with the DC area, Silver Spring is just across the District line on the northern most tip of DC. Friend could walk into DC if she wanted to, it's that close.

We snacked on some delicious cupcakes that two of her bridesmaids brought down from Magnolia Bakery in NYC. YUUUUMMM.
Don't these look yummy? I had the
Red Velvet one and it was amazing (sorry Amee, this beats Buttercup ;p). The cake was moist and had a really rich, but subtle, chocolatey flavor. It wasn't too sweet, which was great since the icing tasted like sugar and butter (in a good way)! Perfect balance :)

The bride-to-be opened up some presents and then we donned our masks (yes, masks) and headed to the Georgetown Waterfront for drinks.
*sigh* Freshman year neighbors/roomies...we're getting so old!

For some reason there was crazy traffic on 16th Street headed downtown so it took us a long long time to get to Gtown. Once we got there it was packed as usual, but the bride managed to find a sweet spot near the bar big enough for all of us to hang out.

I haven't been to the waterfront in I don't know how long.
It's great on a nice summer day because you can sit outside, have a drink and check out all the boats. At night, it turns into an absolute zoo and I swear, it ALWAYS smells like vomit or something equally gross. Not really my scene.

I grabbed a drink and nursed it the whole night as bride braved the crowd to get her list of tasks done (she had a list of things she had to do like 'seductively ask a guy to buy you a drink' and 'have a guy lift you up threshold style'). We followed her around for a bit getting the photographic evidence, but after awhile I just HAD to sit down.
This is me with my sad face because my toes looked like this:
Li'l smokies! Agh! I know I know, poor shoe choice, but my comfy heels were all at work and flip flops and I aren't friends right now. Sneakers (my new best bud) seemed inappropriate for the evening ;p I grabbed a cab home soon after and was SO glad to sit in air conditioning. Boy was it sticky out (or maybe it was all the people crammed into such a small space)!

Overall it was a fun night. I was reminded about how I'm not that into crowded bars anymore but I'm so glad that the bride had a great time. She's such a great sport ;) I got a little nervous when I saw the masks laid out on the table, but it ended up being a fairly low key bachelorette - no penis paraphanalia! haha. I think most of my friends veto anything like that. Do you have any ridiculous bachelorette stories/sightings? This was the first time I'd ever seen the 'to-do list' thing done.

I'm off to run some errands before we head to Alexandria this evening. I'll be back later with a recap and that running post I mentioned earlier (though, I hope it lives up to the's not really THAT long ;p)


B.o.B. said...

That watermelon looks so yummy. Might be grabbing some after my run tonight.

Ahh bachelorette parties. Always a good (wacky) time. Glad you got to pass on the penis stuff. ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually went to Magnolia's for my sister in law's bachelorette party! She loves cupcakes. I wasn't too impressed with them but your red velvet one looks yummy. I'll have to try that one next time.

We saw one of the guys from Project Runway in the restaurant we went to! It was pretty cool.

Glad you had fun! Sorry your feet hurt1

Mia {runs and rests} said...

Had the juiciest watermelon last night, yum! And those cupcakes are too cute.
Awww, sorry about your feet. We might be getting old; I also don't like being cooped up in a bar where it's tight and noisy. :s

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH LIL SMOKIES!!! Sausage toes are the WORST! -selin