Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving eats at Saint-Ex

Hello again! Just got back from helping Susan move into her new home (in a pretty sweet location I must add). After lots of sweating and lifting (my chicken arms can only handle so much ;p) we did an early dinner at nearby Cafe Saint-Ex. Yep, paella got put on the back burner.
I've only been to Saint-Ex for beers before (pretty decent selection!) and have been a bit curious about their food. Another perk was that they had outdoor seating - perfect for tonight's weather :)

I was a little shocked when I saw the prices, but Jamie happened to notice that they offered a
three course $32 prix fixe option before 7pm. Since we were early birds, the three of us decided to do the prix fixe option and sample each others dishes. *Since they change their menu frequently, I can't seem to find any of these dishes on the website so I'm doing my best to recall the details of the side dishes!

To start we got
Grilled Georgia Shrimp (with barley salad and cheddar), Chicken Confit Sliders, and P.E.I Mussels (with sausage).
Notice the
beady eyes on the very much attached head?? I chopped those suckers off and gave them to Jamie. Though I'm kinda curious about the whole sucking tasties out of shrimp heads (because that's supposed to be the best part), I really wasn't feeling it. The barley salad was nice, but the cheddar was a little random. The shrimp was grilled so it gets a thumbs up for that, but it was a little dry and salty closer to the tail.
The sliders
tasted a little like chicken salad sandwiches...not bad, but not exactly what I expected. Totally addicted to the spicy onion relishy thing on the side though.
I feel like you really can't mess up mussels...unless you add really random ingredients to the broth. I have a soft spot for steamed mussel dishes that have bits of sausage in them. There's something about that combination that just does it for me. This one had a ton of onions which made for fun dipping.

Our main course options took a little more time to decide on (we ended up with two different menus at our table so once we decided on entrees, we found out some were not correct or had different sides). We ended up with
Wild Alaskan Salmon (with toasted almond quinoa and fennel slaw), Grilled Sirloin (with wild mushroom risotto and baby corn), and Eco Friendly Foods Pork Chop (with crispy potatoes, onions and tomato)
So my salmon was
REALLY REALLY orange. I don't know if I'm just eating some sad salmon or if this was just crazy colored salmon or was good, but a little charred (as you can probably see). Loved my quinoa, but when do I not love quinoa ;) I was even ok with it having golden raisins in it! Slaw was nice and tart!Jamie's sirloin was nicely cooked and the mushroom risotto went perfectly with it. The baby corn was a little random, but's corn and I love it.
The pork chop was nicely seasoned and the really beet red tomatoes (
we thought they could be cherries because of the color, but they definitely tasted like tomatoes) were great with the pork. Even better with the pork - that red onion relish thing that came with the sliders!

Jamie and Susan (total sweet tooths)
thought deciding on dessert would be easy, but no no...not when you can't double up on dishes! muahahahaaa! We decided on a Homemade White Chocolate Ice Cream, Carrot Cake and Coconut Creme Brulee.
The white chocolate was pretty good with the mini snickerdoodle that came on the side.
Definitely home made too - it has this texture that I've started to notice when Jamie makes ice cream...something you don't get from store bought ice cream.
Don't even have words for the cream cheese frosting and candied pecans.
Had me at first bite.
The creme brulee had great flavor - very rich and coconut-y, but I definitely didn't expect the grated coconut. I thought it would have the standard creme brulee texture with coconut flavor. Nope.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good deal considering the standard entree prices were about $23 each. I don't think I'd order a la carte. The flavors were ok and portions were reasonable...not bad for upscale bar food.

I was eyeing the sweet potato fries. Guess I'll have to check those out during a happy hour!


Mia {runs and rests} said...

Bad idea to read this with an hour to go before my lunch break. Now,I'm hungry. The onion thingy looks real good. Carrot cake. Yum!

MarathonVal said...

Are you serious that the little eyes are supposed to be tasty??!?! So weird!!! I never would have guessed, and I, too, am intrigued, but not intrigued enough to try it haha.

Yes I think Fleet Feet is a franchise because we have quite a few around the Chicago area, but I didn't realize they were all over the US! I also didn't realize you worked at a fitness store? I have been reading your blog for a while now and I never realized. That's awesome you sell the sports jelly bellies, those suckers are hard to find. Does your store have a website? I haven't tried the Gu Chomps but will if you recommend them - let me know if they are as good as the jelly bellies!

Anonymous said...

Yo, is this the award you get for helping someone to move? If so, I'd love to do some lifting too! Where IS this place?

Karena said...

yep, cat's out of the bag - my part time gig/job numero dos is at a local running store in DC (not Fleet Feet, but I'm not quite ready to out the blog to coworkers at either job :\) and that's why i'm a big nerd ;)

I haven't tried the Gu Chomps - my stomach doesn't take the solids too well during runs (DISASTER with the Clif Shot Blox). Tons of people buy them though...which surprised me a bit. I'll be sure to ask next time someone buys a pack!

Burp - Saint Ex is in Logan Circle (I guess?) or maybe U Street? It's on the corner of 14th and T. Super tiny on the corner.

Julia said...

Daaaang that looks tastey. $32 is a little out of my price range, but man, did those photos make my mouth water!
Kudos to you for helping your friend move!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

wow the white chocolate flavor sounds so good!!
what a delicious looking meal

Jamie said...

Val - the shrimp heads taste good. you stick them in(open side in your mouth) and suck the yummy juices and delicious bits out of them...not the eyes, lol. though, i guess those would just taste crunchy and fried. i'll probably taste just to find out.