Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wii sore?!

I woke up this morning feeling two things:

1) Still full from lunch/dinner last night and
2) Sore from playing the Wii! Agh!

Since Jamie and I got my nephews the Wii Outdoor Challenge for their birthdays, my nephews brought their Wii with them when they came over yesterday. I rocked out to a ton of tennis and I'm feeling it all in my right bicep now. Wow. haha. I only played a couple of games on the Wii Outdoor Challenge and oh my. That game is exhausting! It's essentially this generation's Power Pad. Three attempts at the
Sprint Challenge and I was huffing and puffing! Meanwhile, my 6-yr old nephew is fine. I feel old :(

Might have been our run earlier that least that's what I'll tell myself ;) We ended up doing just over 6.5 miles (yes, that's not quite 9) in
gorgeous weather. I forgot what it's like to run in not humid weather ;p I'm ok with just doing the 6.5 since my hip/butt was feeling super tight. I miss you foam roller!!!

When we got back from our run, we put in a few minutes of Wii action and then ran some errands. I got a bathing suit at the gap for a mere
$12! Score! I love a good deal. We also stopped at White Castle so Jamie could get his burger fix. I conveniently live within 20 minutes from THREE White Castles. I think that's weird. Don't you? Anyway, the newest one opened up about a 4 minute drive from my parents' house so clearly we had to stop in.

That was Jamie's appetizer to my mom's grilled feast. My aunt and uncle came in from Long Island bringing the
grand total of eaters to 8. Please note the quantity of food I'm about to post. Looks like we're taking a ton home!
BBQ Ribs! I usually like my ribs to fall off the bone, but these were pretty yummy. Good flavor and really, I'm not complaining about anything that is grilled.

Chicken Wings. I didn't taste these, but my mom said she used some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce for them. I like to refrain from eating wings unless they are deep fried and doused in some good hot sauce.

Eggplant Salad. My mom usually makes this crazy delicious Steak Salad (grilled london broil, red onions, cider vinegar, oyster sauce, red peppers). It's nice and tangy and oniony and the sauce is amazing over some white rice. I saw this bowl sitting on the counter when we got back from our errands thinking it was the steak salad so I snagged a piece, took a bite and NOT STEAK! haha. It was a nice surprise though. Instead of red peppers, there were tomatoes in this dish. YUM! I'm going to try this at home...without grilled eggplant :(

Also on the menu, the
token Filipino dish - my mom's Pancit Palabok. Palabok is basically a noodle/gravy dish. You use fat rice noodles and the gravy is a shrimp based sauce. It's really rich (as most Filipino foods are) and time intensive so my mom usually makes it for special occasions or parties. We also get to take home frozen containers of the sauce ;)

My mom also made this really tender and juicy
marinated skirt steak that I didn't catch a picture of because it took me awhile to realize there was a whole other meat dish on the table! She used some Mama Sita's BBQ marinade and lime juice. MMM.

All these heavy foods were supplemented with a few veggie dishes. Corn and a snap pea/red pepper salad.
On the dessert menu (oh my there was so much dessert):
Turons! (sorry, got this picture after everyone grabbed some) Turons are plantains (and usually jackfruit) wrapped with spring roll wrappers, deep fried and then immediately sprinkled with sugar when they come out so the outside gets all caramelized. HEAVEN. This batch was ok...the plantains were a little too hard and dry. Bummer.

Watermelon! MMM I could eat watermelon all day.

My mom's new dessert - Mangoes with Sticky Rice. If any of you have had this traditional Thai dessert, you know what a great combination it is. You have the sweetness and acidity of the mango with the rich, somewhat saltiness of the sticky rice (that is made with some coconut milk) and it's a great balance! Plus it didn't hurt my mom gets better champange mangoes than we do.

My aunt brought a Mango Splash Tart and it was DEEEELICIOUS. I was all over the crust which was really moist and held up well to the pudding-like texture of the filling. YUM! Dessert overload!!

After digesting some, we watched some fireworks on TV. I think it's funny that we watched A Capitol Fourth because my parents (that don't have cable) antenna/digital converter thing didn't have a strong enough signal to get NBC's broadcast of the NYC fireworks.

After the lame fireworks display in DC (I think I now know why we've never gone down to the Mall), we watched Bolt - super cute movie, btw.

Gotta run now. Bfast, family bonding and then off we go to catch our train back!


Mia {runs and rests} said...

OMG, that's a LOT of food! I wish I were there to crash at your party. Haha! I love grilled eggplant, palabok, and turon. Your mom's palabok look so good. I think we only made it a couple times at home as it's time intensive like you said. We always order some for parties.

Hey, 6.5mi is awesome plus you also rocked the Wii! It's cool you even had a workout while on a holiday.

Karena said...

hehe, yeah...I tried making the sauce once with a few shortcuts and it's not the same! My new shortcut is getting some of my mom's frozen sauce ;)

The Wii Outdoor Challenge is AWESOME. I'm such a nerd :\