Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm all registered for the Marine Corps Marathon! WOOO! SEE??
I was SOOO excited to see this in my inbox :)

Just a little background - I entered the lottery for NYC, didn't get in. Found someone on Craigslist who DID get into NYC but had a Marine Corps bib to spare. She's been awesome the whole time and agreed to do the official transfer online when it opened up. Unfortunately the MCM folks took their sweet time posting the transfer form and she went off on vacay for a couple weeks. I've been SO anxious I couldn't even stand it and today I officially completed my end of the transfer process! Let the training excitement begin!

I know I know, I'm technically in the middle of week 6 of training, but I've been hesitant about getting excited and preparing for the race. I knew my girl wasn't going to let me down with the transfer, but you can never be too safe...I mean, she was just a stranger on Craigslist. There were times where I got all panicky wondering what if she found someone else to take her number...for more money?! Plus, I didn't want to start announcing to the world I was running (though, I suppose I was announcing it to the blogging world!) MCM just in case things did fall through. But today everything fell into place and I was SO excited for my 6 mile run :)

Even though we weren't meeting up w/the regular running crew for tonight's run, Jamie and I decided to do our 6 miles downtown. It definitely makes more sense since I can't seem to find routes around our apartment that don't involve gigantic inclines! Do you know what made an appearance on tonight's run?? Dumdumduuuummm....

You bet I was going to try to tackle this monster again! Especially since I failed last weekend. Unfortunately my mapping skills have failed me once again (ahem, someone can really use a Garmin, ahem) and we ended up only running 5.76 miles. Could have sworn it was the same route as the last Hains Point attempt! GAH! SO confused! Whatevs. Close enough ;p

Since it was almost 8 by the time we got back to my office (gotta stop with the late starts!), Jamie and I decided to stop by Naan and Beyond for a quick dinner. I've passed by this place a bunch of times, but haven't stopped in so I figured eh, why not give it a shot. Plus, my tastebuds had a CRAZY craving for Indian food. Do you ever get weird post-run cravings??

I got the Tandoori Chicken Tikka Naan Sandwich (sorry, no pics since I didn't pack my camera) and Jamie got the Tandoori Sheesh Tikka Naan Sandwich. SOOO YUMMY and reasonably priced too! Definitely hit the spot and there were three different sauces we grabbed on the side - Mint, Mango
and Spicy Chutney. I could DRINK the Mango sauce it was that good. I was bummed that we didin't catch the dinner special sign! I'll definitely be adding this to my lunch list :)

I'm off to shower and sleep! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting into MCM!!!! I just signed up for the 10K - ha, um, not As exciting. but I wanted to attend the festitivites! ;)

B.o.B. said...

See you at MCM! Good times my friend, good times. LOL!

Holly said...

congrats on the marathon...that is awesome! i'm training right now too, so we will have to compare notes!

chicken tikka sandwich? YES PLEASE!

Julia said...

woo hoo! I'm glad the registration went through; gosh, I would have been a nervous, anxious wreck! I'm excited for you!

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Woop woop!! That's awesome, girl :D

Karena said...

Thanks :) Considering how many bloggers are running MCM, we should totally do a pre or post race meet up!