Sunday, July 19, 2009

Second humidity-free day! Hooray!

When I walked out of our building this morning I wished I could turn around and throw my running shoes on - how could I miss the chance to run in such perfect weather?? Alas, morals kicked in and I reminded myself that I really should go to DCCK since it's been a few weeks since I was last there. Ah's all for a greater good!

Since I've gotten a few questions from friends and customers recently and thought I'd spread some information about
hydration options - never hurts to be informed of some the options out there! Remember, this is just a sampling of stuff that's available to runners...there are tons more to explore online and at your local running store :) Some websites you can check out:

Fuel Belts - this brand is one that I think most runners are familiar with. Most people know that Fuel Belt provides a hydration systen that uses small bottles evenly distributed throughout a belt
you wear well, like a belt. I also like to think it's one of the more popular options out there. They also offer large bottle belts and simple waistpacks.

I use the
4 bottle belt that has four 8-ounce bottles and a small pocket pouch. Usually, I'll only run with 2 bottles at a time, filling one with watered down Gatorade and the other with water. You can easily fit a VW car key (the blocky one), 2 Gu packets and a stick of gum in the pouch.

They also sell a belt with an adjustable strap and
two 10-ounce bottles. A lot of people like the larger bottles and the fact that it's adjustable. Personally, I prefer more bottles - knowing I have
extra bottles floating around. :)

CamelBak - when you think hydration systems, I bet this is the first thing that comes to mind. It definitely was the first thing I thought of when I started training for Nike in 2007 and it was the first thing I bought.

Again, CamelBak is a brand that offers a variety of hydration systems, but for the most part they are known for the ones that
involve a reservoir with a long tube attached to it with a bite valve to keep the water where it belongs. It's great for hands-free hydration and most of the packs have great storage. Jamie has one of the backpacks for biking and yeah, used that on a summer run - holy sweaty hotness!

I got this smaller CamelBak that holds about
28-ounces and sits on the small of your back. It was ok...I could fit my gels, keys and gum nicely in the pouch (though they'd get all wet from the condensation off the reservoir). Also, the part that touched my back was made of felt and would get super sweaty after each run. Boo. Also, it's a pretty long/detailed cleaning process - don't want any germs building up in the tube!! I'm too lazy for any of that. Ha!

Handheld bottles - no, it's not like holding a bottle of Deer Park while running :p It's a regular water bottle (about 20 ounces) that sits in a cloth grip. You stick your hand through like you're holding the bottle, pull the strap to tighten and that sucker isn't going anywhere. Want to flex your hand? Go for it. It won't fly off! Plus, they usually have small pouches for essentials like keys. Maybe a Gu but that's pushing it.

I've considered experimenting with this next, especially since I've started running with one of my Fuel Belt bottles on shorter runs. I'm finding that it's not as annoying as I once thought it was...

Single bottle belt - running buddy number 1 swears by hers. It's an adjustable strap belt and the bottle rests on the small of your back...usually at an angle so you can easily reach back and grab it.

Hers has a bite top so it's pretty
easy to drink out of and there's no spillage. In case you're worried about the bottle falling out mid run/crazy maneuver - don't. There's an elastic connector that easily hugs the rim of the bottle.

These belts typically have the most storage options (I think rb1 has
fit her phone and Gus in her pouch before) since they are generally pretty large.

Totally tried to multitask this I was writing this, I had a quick late lunch in prep for helping a friend move. On the menu:
but with some arugula (of course) and hot sauce
It was ok...I had a better experience the first time I got the enchiladas...these were kinda lacking in the flavor/sauce department. I could also do without the rice, which was pretty flavorless. Next time I might stick to the not whole meal version.

Off to U Street! Wish us luck with parking :\


Mia {runs and rests} said...

Thanks for this informative post, Karena. I've been looking at some single bottle belts the past days. Does it bob while running or is it just a matter of adjusting the strap? Thanks.

Julia said...

Great post!
I've been wanting a handheld bottle/belt for a while.... but both seem somewhat uncomfortable, esp the belt. Do you find that they are pretty un-noticable on runs? I like the single bottle belt, but it won't be enough for long runs....
Thanks for the great info!

Karena said...

Mia & Julia - water belts are definitely weird when you first start using matter what kind you buy, so don't feel silly about putting one on and running around the store to check it out. I love my fuel belt! It doesn't really bounce when I run, but I've also found the exact spot where I need it to be :) I also run with just two bottles (for a total of 16oz) since there are usually water fountains scattered about. If i'm not familiar with a trail, I'll carry all 4.

Running buddy 1 hasn't had any complaints about her single bottle belt!

Anonymous said...

This post is great! I was wondering what would be the best option to keep hydrated!! I've been running around holding my water bottle!!

Mel @ She Runs Brooklyn said...

Pretty helpful review- thanks for taking the time to share!